Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Wild Wednesday

Okay, so loading 3 kids in the car with their essentials, there's bound to be items left behind, right? Hey, I remembered the kids! We had a FANTASTIC Wednesday morning with our cousins at the park. I especially love these playdates where there's no whining, but the kids are having such a great time that they don't want to leave. Really, at this age, I've managed to somehow get them back in the car eventually. Devin passed out on the way home; Donovan unloaded his shoes full of sand in the car (ARRRRGH!) and Dominic just was exhausted (but never slept!). I'm ready for the next outing! Thanks Fantastic 4 for the Fruit Loops, the apple slices, the temporary driver's licenses and for just a plain ol' good time!

This is better than Fred and Wilma's car!

...if it blows my hair, I'm good!

Stink face? I'm sensitive to the sun too Luke!

Andrew and Dominic after rolling down the hill.

This is the life!

And this is why I have two shoe-fulls of sand in my car!


Joan said...

LOL Hey, I am grateful Andrew decided to unload his sandy shoes in the garage, in FRONT of the door!

Leigh Ann said...

Hi Andria! I hope SAHM is going well for you and you aren't pulling your hair out:) What park did you take the kids to? It looks like a lot of fun!