Friday, June 12, 2009

A Walk in the Park

I'm going crazy in this house listening to Spongebob over and over and the squawk of "Starly" on Dominic's DS game. Wednesday's "out" was a nice break for me, so I decided to take Dominic out to do something again together. After grabbing a not-so-healthy lunch, we went to Effie Yeaw Nature Center and ate underneath the oak trees in the company of 6 wild turkeys. The weather was perfect for a little hike along the many trails they had. Of course, I couldn't convince Dominic this was enjoyable until I told him to "be on the lookout for Wild Grass-type Pokemon". He was all over it! Let's go!

Just a few of our lunch mates.

Dominic pointed at something for me to look at. Naturally, I looked off into the distance hoping to see a deer or rabbit, only to find that what he was pointing to was this lovely display of black flies! Ewww, gross!

Besides these fine-feathered friends, we spotted a couple rabbits, lots of squirrels, birds, two lizards, two quail and a lot of butterflies. They were all too quick to sit still for a picture, much like Dominic.

If Dominic were a Condor...

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Joan said...

Curious... did he find any wild grass Pokemon? lol Good one!