Sunday, September 9, 2007

Questions answered, and out of the way...

Feel free to leave a comment. I'm ready for your questions. In fact, I may have already answered them here.

Have you figured out what causes this?
One of us is an Engineer. Let's not analyze it.

Was this planned?
Sure. It was God's "plan".

Were you trying for a girl?
Um, no. We are just hoping for a healthy baby with 10 fingers and 10 toes. Thank you. (Thinking pink doesn't hurt though!)

How will you afford private school for all of them?
Nothing's easy. We all have to make sacrifices. We will attempt to give our children the best education in our eyes. They may not be going to Disneyland every summer, but they will learn to deal with that! Isn't our family gatherings like Disneyland anyway? Oh, and thanks for the signing of the State's budget, our resident Civil Engineer is now earning a little more and breathing a sigh of relief.

How will you possibly afford to pay for their college?
Even BEFORE all of our children were born, ScholarShare accounts have been set up for them. We only pray that someday they will be put to good use.

Are you done yet?
99.98% sure.

Will you find out the gender?
Most likely, providing he/she cooperates for the technician to make the prognosis. Whether we tell everyone else is another issue. Just kidding!

Are you still going to work full-time?
TBD. This is pending upon the future announcement to The Boss. I'm sure there wouldn't be a problem with me returning to work. Whether it is beneficial financially is another question. Lots to think about!

What about our trip to Disneyworld in December 2008?
So far, we have no decisions to back out on our trip. You can never be too old or too young to enjoy The Happiest Place on Earth! (...with an 8-month old in tow, just choose your airplane seats wisely!)


Kristie said...

Hey I was waiting for this post... I love it.... one of my favs....

any more questions out there?

LoveBugZ said...

I LOVE IT! You GO girl! Hope you are hanging in there. Thinking PINK for you.