Sunday, September 30, 2007

I'm SudaFED UP!

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It's been over a week. My hacking cough has become dry and uncontrollable. I get no relief. The sudden outbursts of dry wisps of air have left my ribs sore, my back desiring a scratch and my eyeballs protruding from their sockets. Help me! Certainly with all of this forceful coughing, I'm sure my internal organs have been knocked out of place. I've even had visions of being the first woman to orally give birth!! Not a good vision huh?

So, I'm SudaFED UP! What's left to take OTC? This is my plea for help. The drugs on my "safe" list are those which are non-ibuprofen based...Sudafed, Actifed, Chlor-trimiton, Benedryl. Since my symptoms were more of a "cold" rather than "allergies" I thought Sudafed was the choice for me. First I went through 12 doses of the Severe Cold version; next I tried the Cold & Flu (or Cold & Cough). I now think it's making me cough more. I'm getting more response from cough drops. What's left? A hacking I will go.....

On a more positive note, I met with my doctor on Friday and heard baby's heartbeat (and mine too!). That was good to hear! And for my illness, the Dr. was hesitant to prescribe me any antibiotics just I get to suffer through this for possibly another week, as "a simple cold may last twice as long during pregnancy". Yea! My BIG ultrasound appointment will be November 19th. Stay tuned for possible gender determination posts!

Meanwhile, Rudy thinks I have kennel cough, smoker's cough, or some other foreign illness that I'm spreading around the population. I can't wait til he gets it!


Harajuku Girl said...

Oh my lord ! You poor poor thing! I know how you feel to. Same thing happen to me when I was pregnant with Andrew. No relief, and yes when your pregnant why does it take 10 times as long to recover? It is insane!!

A heartbeat - YAY! It is always a settling feeling to hear that swishing sound =)

WOW I cannot belive the big ultrasound is in November - considering I feel like we just got the news.. Why is it that other people's pregnancies seem to fly by but when it is you it seems like forever?

Anyhow, I bid you a dose of relief and get well soon!! Now I know why you have been slacking off ( so I approve ) lol

Kristie said...

I love those lil cute graphics you always find.

So you are still doing the sudafed thing... fun, fun... Hopefully the cold goes away soon. I think the weather being warm and then cold and sun and then rain really messes us up. I sent my kids, all of them to school and daycare in shorts... hello.... I have on shorts and it's raining... the weather said it was gonna be beautiful and I beleive them.... they said 78 and I'm thinking 88 i guess... ~lmao~

how was apple hill? Did the boys have fun? So when are we planning bishops farm?

I need to blog.. I still haven't put any pics from the party up.