Saturday, December 22, 2007

Dominic's First Christmas Program

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On Wednesday night we all had the pleasure of going to see Dominic's class sing at his school's Christmas Program. Because of the amount of people attending and the minimal space in the church, where it was held, the view I got of him was from the chest up. Grandma Gertie's view was much better, due to her private/reserved seating. Lucky duck!

The program was called "Once Upon A Starry Night" and his class got up to sing "One Last Sheep" with hand-motions and all. Very cute! (..although I didn't quite get the view of the foot/leg action taking place). Dominic seemed very serious about his role and you could tell he was concentrating on his "part" very closely.

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Macladie said...

The handwork and legwork were a sight to see. We have video of the handwork but I will have to see if I can find someone with the footwork. The music teacher just about fell on the floor from laughing. He made them repeat it over and over. That was not the original plan.