Friday, December 7, 2007

That's Amore!

The Boss has exquisite tastes when it comes to food (and wine!). Being Irish/Italian, he has chosen his Momma's cooking as his reasoning behind the good tastes. That's the Italian in him! For the past three years, our company Christmas Party has been held at Il Fornaio Restaurant and, once again, I get the pleasure of making the arrangements, getting out the invites, gathering RSVP's, etc. Picking out our "menu" for the evening is always fun to do, especially when you're hungry and crave Italian food. This year, the entree choices are very similar to those we've had in the past. No complaining!

For some reason (no complaints, again), the Boss likes to treat me to lunch at the restaurant before the event to "taste test" and get his "feelers" out there (I even have to create him a "pocket guide" to remind him of first names of all the guests - just in case his senility sets in!) Seems silly to review the establishment when a contract has already been signed for the big day and I can't tell the difference between a $75 bottle of Merlot versus "Two Buck Chuck". There's never been a bad review! Funny, this is the 3rd year I have to pass on the bottomless glasses of vino. While pregnant with Donovan, I had to pass (on the sly) as well. With cocktails at 5:00 and dinner at 6:00, we always have a wonderful and festive evening with our coworkers. Very elegant! Very rare for the owner of a private company to do for their employees and their guests! I'm very lucky! Today's review at lunch was "thumbs up" and I can't wait to do it again tomorrow night for the real deal!
Here's what I had...
Cannelloni Al Forno
Large pasta tubes filled with rotisserie chicken, spinach, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes and smoked mozzarella; bechamel and tomato sauces.
Crema al Doppio Gusto
Fennel infused custard with chocolate mousse and caramelized sugar topping.
..and the Boss enjoyed...
Gnocchi Emilia
Housemade potato dumplings with butternut squash, Italian ham, porcini mushroom, truffle oil and cream.
Affogato Al Caffe
Espresso poured over two scoops of vanilla gelato and topped with fresh whipped cream.
Needless to say, the Boss also enjoyed his BOTTLE of Costa Bussia Barolo, while I had "tap water"! Mmm...mmm...mmm.
Tomorrow's dinner will have different selections, so check in later for exciting tales from my tastebuds!

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