Tuesday, December 25, 2007

It's finally here...

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'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house... Not a creature was stirring, BUT in the garage.....a MOUSE!!!

Yep, we arrived home after Christmas Eve activities to a mouse in the bag of dog food in the garage. After putting Donovan to sleep, Rudy was no where to be found, but in the garage on "rodent patrol". He attempted to scoop out Fred and Roxy's dinner for the night, but instead found himself determined to catch the critter. The dogs made me aware that they had not eaten and were still waiting for their Christmas Eve meal. They eventually got their meal, but after 2 escapes from the glue traps, our "critter" got away! I'm afraid he may not make it through the night with all the traps Rudy put out, unless, of course, he has no desire to return to the scene of his crime. Perhaps he got his evening's share of dog food?

It's been a long day (Dec. 24th, typing here on Christmas morning). Sparing details of our morning and afternoon drama (you're not missing anything), I'll post about our evening. Attempting to get to 5:00 Children's Christmas Eve Mass, we raced over to Grandma and Papa Avila's house to drop off all of the presents we loaded in the car, plus the dessert for the night's dinner we were to have. Surprisingly, Cousin Bianca was there and joined us in going to church. Luckily we got there before Mass started, but we weren't so lucky in getting a seat! Rudy, Dominic and Bianca stood at the back, while Donovan and I were offered a corner seat in the back row. Mighty tight squeeze, but it worked the majority of the time.
Arriving back at the Avila house, we had dinner and opened presents with the kids. It was Christmas chaos! Dominic squealed with delight at his presents that he opened. Donovan carefully tore wrapping paper off of his. He was excited about his gifts as well. I must say, however, that Uncle Ben (better hire a bodyguard) scored big time tonight - winning 1st place in their Fantasy Football League AND collecting the $120 jackpot for correctly guessing the names in our Gift Exchange that we do every year. Geesh!

It's rare to get a picture with all the cousins together:
Bianca, Sydney, Peyton, Kalyn, Donovan, Dominic and Matthew

Dominic and Bianca, waiting for presents to open!

Sydney, tempted by ornaments.

Peyton, tempted by shoes!

Do not disturb. Concentrating here.

Dominic helps Uncle Ben with hard-to-open packaging.

Dominic's Battlefleet Megazord!

Are YOU smarter than a 6th grader???

It's 2:15 AM - has anyone seen Santa?
'Cause I'm not going to get stuck eating these!

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