Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bats, skunks and classmates....OH MY!

Tonight we went to Rudy's 20th High School Reunion. Boooooorrrrring! What fun is it to attend these things when you don't know ANY of the people? We both went to his 10th and 15th Reunions and this one wasn't much different. The men were still bald; the women still competed for "best dressed". I wasn't "around" during Rudy's high school days, so I'm clueless as to who these people are. We didn't "connect" with anyone really...just sat like loners and greeted those who came by squinting at our name tags to find out who WE were. Everyone asked the same questions: "What have you been up to? Got kids? What do you do? Where do you live?" Then the typical comment, "My, you haven't changed! Less hair is all." ---Introduce the wife, then we never see them again! People were standing around chit-chatting. What more could they possibly be talking about? Perhaps, we just weren't made to be "socialites".

The Reunion took place aboard the Delta King in Old Sacramento. Nice venue, but a heck of a walk to get there - not fun walking cobblestone streets and wooden-planked sidewalks in dressy shoes! We parked in the parking garage, where a stench was evident throughout. I couldn't wait to breathe fresh air! The gathering consisted of about 75 alumni with their guests. No dinner was served, but they did have delicious appetizers (I'd spell "hors'deurves", but I only scored 87% in spelling, per previous post) and scrumptious dessert. The audio was horrible, as we couldn't understand the announcer, DJ or hear the sound from the "Senior Film" they played. Yep, we're party poopers and just gawked at people. One noticeable alum was a gentleman who everyone knew as the "LSD-acid dropper" who looked like a hippy back in his heyday...heck he still does! Would you believe this guy is a professor at Cornell University and traveled all the way from the East Coast for this lovely event? His attire tonight was quite the fashion statement: navy collared shirt, black shorts with a belt, black ankle socks and Tevas. Yep, still a hippy!

So where do bats and skunks come in? As soon as we "jumped ship" from the Reunion, we smelled a strong odor of a skunk as we walked to the parking garage. Ewww! At the parking garage, remember, was this other unique stench. We figured it out.... Bat guano! There were tons of bats flittering about crevices of this parking garage, most likely having a meal of the insects lurking about the lights. Gross, gross, gross. Their squeaks, their fast mobility and the fact that they're blind, just doesn't settle well with me. Back in the safety of our car, we proceeded toward the freeway, when we encountered yet another skunk. A baby one! Sure, the river was close by, but this smelly creature was definitely heading the wrong direction! A skunk in the city will never survive! Glad he stayed on the overpass' sidewalk.

We picked the boys up from Rudy's parents. Once we hit the main road back home, they were both OUT like a light. Here's Dominic dead asleep...notice his hand? How does he do that?

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Harajuku Girl said...

LOL was that Rudy's Sr. Pic ?? That does not even look like him. Well, at least if anything you guys got a night out alone with no kiddies..

Yes, Love his hand. funny how they can fall asleep anywhere at anytime in any position.