Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Psst...I've got a Secret!

Okay, blogworld, family, friends and lurkers, here it is...

Lilypie Expecting a baby Ticker

I've been DYING to tell you really. But trying to be cautiously optimistic, I had to wait until the timing was right. I also needed that professional verification. I can't trust my own hormonal history. If all goes well, you can expect our new arrival sometime early April 2008. Keep the little "bean" in your prayers.

Phew...that's done. Now, I've got some "unpublished" and out-dated blog posts to publish!
(See, I haven't just been slacking on my posts...I have just been "drafting" until now!)

However, while you digest this post, I've got some digesting to do at the Reno Rib Fest for the weekend. Whoo Hoo! Stay tuned for more exciting posts, as they've just been idling in "draft" mode for quite some time. They're going to be good!


Scott and Danielle Hatcher said...

WHAT?! You mean we're pregnant at the same time? Me and my fellow blogger from Sacramento? This is too cool! =) Congrats to you and your family!

I checked up on you earlier this morning and came back to comment on the first day of school (how exciting for your big guy!) and LOOKY LOOKY what I saw?!

So excited for you all! Congrats again!

- Danielle

Kristie said...


we're having a baby, oh wait... you're having a baby...

Hip Hip Hooray... We are so excited about another Avila baby.

You were so good at keepin it on the down low ~nods lots~

Okay can't wait to hear the news again tonight ~lmao~

LoveBugZ said...

YES! You know how I feel. I have been searching recently on here for THINGS and this is what I found today. Congrats to you. REMEMBER I get to be your non-preggo preggo buddy for the other hang out place. I will keep you in my prayers the entire time. Emails to follow with #'s so I can be reached at all times in case you go missing later in the pregnancy.

Harajuku Girl said...

How exciting! I must have woke up the whole call center after looking at your blog! In fact I did not even read it, I saw the baby ticker and instantly said OMIGOD IMIDOG LOL.. we are going to be pregnant together =D And even better we are going to have 2 little ones just 4 months apart.

Congrats Andria , ( hugs ) I know we had a discussion about a 3rd some months back. =). I am happy for you. Now, just waiting to hear what your little " bean" is =D


Harajuku Girl said...

P.S How in the world were you able to keep this to under wraps.. I would have been dying!!!!!