Monday, August 27, 2007

Popcorn anyone?

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Why are kids attracted to placing foreign objects into human orifices? Especially 5-year old ones?
It was a successful Sunday at our house, well, minus the housekeeping that seems to be a vicious cycle. As soon as the blocks are put away, someone comes along and dumps them all out again. The Power Ranger's never stay within their storage box, puzzle pieces are flown about, books seem to mysteriously fall between the cracks of the couch, articles of clothing strung doesn't stop! Donovan's constantly bringing shoes out from everywhere. He's always sporting something new - my sandals, dad's tennis shoes, brother's school shoes, and sometimes, even slippers.
I was excited to be able to post on here a joke that Dominic told me during dinner time, but this "popcorn" episode just won its spot. (The joke certainly made me laugh, so I'll post it at the end). And, to end the "successful" Sunday we were having...
Popcorn is a special treat for Dominic. He loves the stuff. Normally we save the weekends for having a bowl of popcorn and a few glasses of milk while watching..what else...a Power Ranger episode. Unfortunately, the timing of this was off, as Donovan was still awake and wanted to be included in the delicacy. I usually don't allow him to eat popcorn because I'm afraid he'll choke on a dry chunk of kernel skin or bite down on a hard one and ruin his teeth. However, it was too late. Donovan found his place next to the bowl on the couch and patted the seat next to him as if asking me to join them. I did, for a few handfuls, then off to put laundry away. I come back to check on them and Dominic says to me:
"Look Mom, we've got seeds in our ears!"
What provoked that? I don't know. So, that's enough to freak any mother out, but for him to say "WE'VE"????? Was this some sort of joint decision to do this??? Panic set in while fingers did too. Luckily Donovan's "seeds" were out already. Thank goodness! Dominic however managed to only get one out, while the other was perfectly lodged in his ear. No tugging, pulling or irrigating would get it out. It's in there...GOOD. How does one get a greasy, smooth, round object from an ear canal? After consulting with the 24-hour Advice Nurse, and Nurse Grandma Gertie and Nurse Papa Gertie (oh, and the Internet), we waited the night out to take him into the doctor this morning. He slept soundly. Perhaps because any noise was muffled out for the entire night???
The "extraction" went well at the doctor's office this morning. Yikes..full headlamp/magnifier gear required! A little whimper on Dominic's part was all. Now, if we could only have a set of tools like the doctor had! Dominic assures us he will "eat" his popcorn and never stick anything else in his ear again. Let's just hope he doesn't find another orifice to plug up!
Ready for the joke?
Dominic asks me: "Mom, what car does Minnie drive?"
(I have to think about this...Does Minnie drive a car? Doesn't Mickey drive her around?)
I answer: "Um, I don't know. What kind of car DOES Minnie drive?"
His response: "A Minnie-van!"
Good huh? Made me laugh!


Harajuku Girl said...

LOL I am not sure I should be laughing about the Popcorn in the ear or the joke. Kids! And to think I will have 2 of them just like you to be completely entertained by, and I am sure that if it isn't one, it will surely be the other. Or even when Luke gets older both!

But I have to say, if they weren't around you have been doing something less fun =). Just think one day when they get married.. you will have plenty of stories to share with the brides to

Kristie said...

I love Dominic's joke.... I sure miss seeing him at Grandma and papa's house. I wonder if I'll remember what he looks like... ~winks~

Donovan was sure excited to see me this afternoon when I picked him up. He was like... those babies aren't here... does that mean you came for me... or maybe he was thinking I was crazy coming to pick up the babies and they weren't there...

Yeah, no work on Monday.... but back to the grind tomorrow

LoveBugZ said...

I laughed as well - sorry. I know my kids will do something similar.....Correction Marissa will do something similar to me. Glad it all worked out well. I will have to email you and tell you what Matthew did last night as it doesn't belong on ANY blog (LOL)!