Friday, August 24, 2007

Operation Overdrive

What a week! Dominic has been in "overdrive" since Day 1 of Kindergarten. Thank goodness for the approaching weekend. He's going to need to rest his noggin before next week's challenge (which includes soccer practice). As far as I can tell, he's liking school. Although I can very well tell he's overwhelmed by it too. Everything is so new to him. His routine has been completely turned around. And so has ours! It was always hard to get dinner on the table every night. Now, it's harder getting dinner ready, the kids fed and bathed, school uniform layed out for the next day, lunch made and packed, plus the morning "healthy snack" that has to be chosen - it's usually, "What would Captain Carlos choose?" when deciding which snack he'd like to have.

The papers! Wow! So they only come home twice a week in a white envelope to be signed and returned to class the next day, but I've only just begun to digest what all has taken place throughout the week, what's about to take place in the coming weeks, etc. There's sort of a parent's newsletter that is distributed, a "check list" of things that the school or class needs: money for pizza Fridays (I can do that!), mandatory supplies, forms to be filled out. Gasp! Screech! Apply the brakes!!!

So...we're all exhausted. Once loaded in the car when picked up, Dominic falls asleep within 5 minutes and is OUT until arriving home. This usually creates an "attitude" that we don't see too often. The crankiness is outrageous! Hopefully this with resolve itself in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for another exciting week!....

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Linda said...

There was a glimmer of hope on Friday....Dominic went singing and skipping all the way to Kindergarten. I guess the opening of school stress is over.