Saturday, August 4, 2007

Goin' to the dogs!

used to be associated with "Stay At Home Moms". They were small get-togethers for moms to have some adult interaction while their kids wore themselves out playing together. Well NOT NO MORE!!!! Yes, playdates are now going to the dogs!

Roxy had a playdate this evening with Gertie. She was excited to go. It was her first time. We met at Gertie's favorite dog park - a place full of wonderful odors and happy tails to gather. Balls were flying everywhere, noses were exploring the surroundings. I've never seen so many happy dogs together, and on their best behavior I might add!

Gertie greets a Great Dane while Roxy (lower left) studies the procedure. We don't know these people. Heck, we don't know these dogs. However, the dogs are bound to "know" each after their first date anyway.


Kristie said...

..yes i signed in..... sounds like a fun playdate.... no kids.. no screaming, crying, fussing kids.... I think i need a playdate... do they have just grownup playdates... sign me up - i need a break

LoveBugZ said...

Hmm I never thought of it this way but maybe Bosco and I should sign up so I can 'escape' - are you catching my theme here --- THE NEED TO GETAWAT, wanna go?

Scott and Danielle Hatcher said...

Ah... I can almost smell the dog park aromas now! My husband and I take our little mutt (Jake-the-wonder-dog) to the dog park every Sunday. He loves it and knows that it's part of the routine. We get home from church, take a nap or watch some sports while the outside temp declines a bit, then change, put on our sneaks and by that time he's running around in circles, chasing his tail out of excitement!!! I love it! Sounds like you guys had fun!