Friday, August 3, 2007

Creative minds...again.

Dominic and Dad did some "engineering" tonight with Lincoln Logs. We usually don't see much variance in structures built from the "blueprints" that came in the box. However, Dominic ventured off and designed this fine piece of architecture. He is quite proud, however can't break away from his TV show for the papparazzi.

Donovan: "Wanna get away?"


Kristie said...

Hey Dom, love the lincoln logs.... next time I come over you'll have to show me your design.... maybe you can help build Joan and Steven's house, they are waiting....

I'm with Donovan... I so need to get away..... calgone.... southwest... either works for me.

LoveBugZ said...

Count me in w/ Donovan too, I would love to get away!!!!

Matthew loves Lincoln Logs too but Marissa loves to tear what he builds down.....AH