Thursday, August 16, 2007

Our First Back to School Night

Are we really that old? Is mid to upper 30's too young to have a Kindergartner? It was our first "Back to School" night, of many to come I'm sure. We sat in the classroom in the students' chairs, where our knees didn't fit under the tables and our stomachs flapped over the edge. It's been quite a long time since we were able to fit in those chairs. So, are we young parents? Or, have parents chosen to have their kids later in life? I felt so out of place! Gasp! Our son...a kindergartner? It was a very informational night for sure. And for once, I think this is going to be our solution to our constant bedtime battles. Dominic is going to be WIPED OUT by the end of his school day, his bed will never look so good. I can dream, right? I'm just a little nervous of how Monday is going to go. Hot lunch days, pizza days, early dismissal days, flag days, share days, mass days, free dress does one keep track? I'm afraid of being sent to the Principal's Office! I can only hope that by the end of the school year, this will all seem like "old hat".

Oh the anticipation of being "Star of the Week"!

That's a LOT of information!

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Darrin said...

Upper 30's too old to have a kindergartener? NO WAY! I'm 37 and my wife is... well... Heh Heh, I'd better not say as I value my life. really though.. I've thought the same thing, but there's a ton of parents at our kid's school who are older than us. They have kids not only who are ready to graduate, but ones just starting Kindergarten. (like us) Don't give it a second thought, you and your husband look very youthfull, and if you look youthfull, you probably enjoy life and feel younger than you really are. It's a lot easier to roll with the punches in life when this is the case.