Sunday, August 12, 2007

Party in the park!

Backyardigans in the Park

So having Donovan's party at the park is WAY less stressful than having it at home! It's still a lot of work, and you have to transport everything you'll need to the party location. It was SUPER nice to use someone else's garbage cans, picnic area and playground. It made clean up easy, although having to come home to make room for leftovers in the fridge wasn't fun.

The kids had a blast...and most of them had a splash! If you remember, back on my first day of the SAHM Trials, Donovan and I scoped this place out and reserved it for this special day. It was fantastic. The weather was gorgeous. Couldn't have asked for a better day (...well I'd prefer Saturday, but the party area was booked). Between Tio Phil, Grandma Gertie and myself, we were sure to get some great photos. I'm sure Tia Kristie got some too, if you check out her blog! (hint, hint Tia!). Miss Bianca had 2 games today in her soccer tourney so she came by with the rest of the gang in between her morning victory and her next game going for the Championship! Glad they could come by for a bit. For all who came out, we thank you for having fun with us and celebrating Donovan's 2nd Birthday.

Sometimes, the water had a mind of its own.

Pablo Dominic

Pretending to be "best buds".

Don't ever shop with Tio'll be nerve-wracking!
Can you imagine how many toys he has
to "test" before finding the noisiest one?

Donovan, just hangin' around.

Peyton and Sydney take a break from all the water fun.

Some photos taken by Tio Phil:
(photos not of original quality)

And more photos from Grandma Gertie:

Gee, I guess I'll have to look at my photos from my camera.
They'll have to be a separate post...if they're blog-worthy!


Kristie said...

Great Party, I think the water feature was a hit with everyone. So you liked it having it there better than at home?

I forgot that MIL brought my camera, so I only got a few pictures of the girls playing in the water.... and Rudy and DJ flying the Kite.

Looks like you got a million pictures though, good thing you have lots of photographers in the family. Seems like at my parties, I'm the only one who knows how to use a camera.... sucks....

How was DJ's appt today?

Did you see Abbey and Gannon at Sharons? Those are my friend Jills kids.... Gannon is 3... Abbey will be 2 in September....

Did you see the babies today?

LoveBugZ said...

What a party!! I live the "Prentending to be best buds" thats how my 2 are as well. Marissa adores Matthew though - he is the one who has to pretend towards her. She is a thorn in his side (LOL)! Great pictures as always!!!

Scott and Danielle Hatcher said...

Fellow Sacramentan blogger here!

Donovan's party looked awesome! I'm in love with that park!! Mind if I ask where it is? I may just have to go run through that little water feature if it gets much hotter here! You can email me if you want:

Thanks! And looks like you guys had a blast... Happy late Birthday to Donovan!