Monday, August 20, 2007

First Day of Kindergarten

Whelp, the time has come... Dominic is officially a full-time, Catholic School Kindergartner. We have a SJV Tiger on our hands! We definitely have some changes in our morning routine to get used to. Donovan doesn't have his brother to pal-around with at daycare anymore. But he does still have his cousins, Sydney and Peyton...they'll stick with him! I packed lunches last night for all of us (except Donovan, he gets home-cooked meals) and actually remembered to take them in the morning!

After dropping off Donovan at daycare, Rudy and I drove separately to take Dominic to his First Day of Kindergarten. He was ready for it. Camera in my hand, camcorder in Rudy's, we waited for the doors to open to start the day. We must have gotten there early because it took FOREVER for Mrs. Hooper to invite the kids in. I think the kids and parents did exceptionally well with the "parting" and the school year got off to a great start.

The boys and their backpacks

Dominic's classroom

Hey's Ana!


Kristie said...

I love those pictures, how perfect are those... ~smiles~ How exciting, Dominic is a big boy for sure now.... he's the new man of the house. ~giggles~ and on campus. They look so handsome.

Donovan and the girls will be missing Dominic that is for sure. They seemed to be looking for him this morning. Lately he's been hugging them in the mornings too. But Dylan seems to hog the hugs. I guess he figures Donovan gets all the hugs he wants from the girls ~lol~

I love the monkey shirts Donovan has. They are the coolest.

I can't believe you even made lunches, you go girl. We have to give Bianca a check for hot lunches, just in case she forgets her lunch... like that would happen... but i guess they like the just in case... but with that... it meant I made no lunches... but tomorrow I start again.

I'm gonna miss seeing Dominic in the mornings and afternoons.

Kristie said...

Are those Vans that Dominic is wearing?

Harajuku Girl said...

What a big boy! It is over now. He is not a baby anymore.. I love how he is still good enough to put his arm around little brother.. too cute!!

Cannot wait for the update! =)