Sunday, July 15, 2007

Date Night and Movie Review

He did it! Rudy actually paid full price to see a movie! Saturday night, I forced him into taking me out to dinner and seeing a movie that wasn't rated "G". After all, he has owed me dinner at a restaurant since Mother's Day, my birthday, and most recently, our Anniversary. Grandma and Papa Gertie (and Gertie herself!) came to entertain the kids while we snuck out. I printed out the movie listings at the two local theaters, so depending on what time we left from the restaurant, that would determine what movie we'd be seeing. I wanted to save Ratatouille and Transformers for the kids. Pfft, as IF we'd ever get the chance to see another movie! The pick was Ocean's 13. Mind you, I haven't even seen Ocean's 11 or Ocean's 12 (we don't get out often) but thought it was a fair choice given it's setting was a Las Vegas casino and it had George Clooney in it. What more could you ask? Rudy's eyes light up at the sight of craps tables and rolling of dice, the trickery of gamblers, the role of mathematics or engineering, etc. It was a good flick, I think? I'm not sure what it is categorized as...drama? It did have some rather funny parts and plays on words. I don't know what else to compare it to. How do I rate a movie? Thumbs Up or Down? Do they do stars still? I'll give it a Thumbs Up and 3 out of 5 stars (right in the middle, that's safe!)

Dinner? Another "mind you"... Rudy had a Black Angus coupon in his pocket! We rarely get this chance to go out and there are TONS of newer restaurants in the area, and his choice is the TWO FOR at Black Angus??? NO WAY!! We settle on another steakhouse however. We went to Texas Roadhouse after many rave reviews. It was delicious. What'd we have? Beef, of course! We both selected different cuts, mine was more fatty, but still good. Rudy polished his plate. We both had margaritas too! Yum! I don't get too many of those!

Dominic was so excited to have Grandma and Papa over. I'm not sure why? He wore Papa out watching Sam I Am and Green Eggs and Ham, over and over again. They played outside too, so that Grandma could capture more photos..

Donovan is getting ready to take the plunge down the slide.

"We do doo-doo"
There's some fascination with the pooper scooper that I don't get.

Fred: "You know, the grass is always greener..."
Gertie: "What is it guys? huh? huh?"
Roxy: "I'm not sure, but it definitely has a tail!"

Thanks Grandma and Papa Gertie for babysitting!
Fred and Roxy thank Gertie for romping around with them.


Linda said...

I think since Dominic had a record "Fall Asleep Time" we may have to come more often! Still not sure what cased that to happen. Roxie will have to learn a few more things about sharing. She would not let Gertie have her ball. Maybe this is a "Boxer" trait.

Harajuku Girl said...

Yee haww.. date nigth for you,. Trust me I know how that can be. Although, we do watch a lot of movies, not always in the cinema. But dinner AND a movie that is big. I hope you enjoyed that, time along with hubby is precious =) I learned that the hard way living with th en laws.

I myself want to watch Ocean's 13. I have seen 11 and 12 and have enjoyed them both. Steven says he will just wait for the video. I Love how Rudy whipped out the coupn - classic! lol* But you gusy made a good choice landing at Texas Roudhouse we LOVE that place and mean LOVE. I always get the bakes sweet potato.. they load it with sauce and marshmallows- oh god look what I did, now I am hungry. Ganna grab a snack now.

P.S. Love the dialogue with the dogs through the fence.. lol