Thursday, July 5, 2007

SJV Kindercamp 2007

Dominic is enjoying Kindercamp and has a LOT to say about the 3 hours a day that he's there. He comes home with new art "masterpieces" to decor the walls with. Looks like the girls are outnumbered for this particular class. Let's hope things even out once the actual school year begins. Lesson learned from this photo: Dominic needs more "training" in posing for pictures. I'm sure it was like pulling teeth just to get this one!
(photo courtesy of Grandma Gertie - yep, she strikes again!)


Harajuku Girl said...

Aww he is so handsome.. boy how time does fly.

Kristie said...

Look at my big nephew. I really miss seeing him in the mornings, but I love hearing about his days... and his snacks ~lol~

LoveBugZ said...

So cute! I can't believe they are this age -- can you?????? I wish we all lived together and could watch them do this adventure!! I love your blog and come here every day now!