Monday, July 9, 2007

The Trials of a SAHM - Day One

(Disclaimer: The views expressed in this blog post are those of a 23-month old toddler and may not depict those typical in similar lifestyle settings.)
No daycare this week, yippee!
Big brother goes to Kindercamp in the morning, yippee!

That means Mommy and I get to do whatever we want, yippee!

What can possibly be accomplished in 3 hours? I'll tell ya! Mommy took the week off of work to spend time with me and my brother. I'm not sure what's going to happen this week, but I'm sure to get out of my routine and be a bit crabby at times. Some mommies get to be SAHMs (Stay-At-Home Moms), which means they usually have to be prepared to entertain us kiddos for the day and keep us out of trouble. Mommy doesn't have much practice being a SAHM to kids my age. So let me tell you how Day 1 went:

We got out of the house as usual, except mommy didn't drop me off at daycare. We took my brother to Kindercamp where he gets to go into a big classroom full of fun stuff (thankfully, mom didn't leave ME there). Then we headed to Starbuck's, where mommy got her caffeine fix for the morning. I got first sips and even spilled some on myself and mommy from squeezing the cup too hard. We did some park-hopping today. Mommy wanted to check out the park where we will have my 2nd Birthday Party. It has a Splashground, Tot Area, picnic tables, BBQ, a sink, basketball court, skate park, soccer and softball fields and even an amphitheater (thanks for the spell check mom!). I approved of the area very quickly.

This is the area where my party will be. It's going to be great!

This is the Tot-area, although it's pretty scary at the top of the structure.
This is the Splashground, where my cousins and I will have a blast when the water gets turned on!

On to Park #2. Mommy decided to reserve the area above for my party in August. We got it! We had to go to a different park with the office to sign up and pay some money. Mommy is always handing out money. I got to see ducks, geese and swimmers! We didn't stay long at this park...there's no telling mom when I've had enough, but she senses it and buckles me up quickly in the car before my irritability (whoa, big word) starts to be noticeable.

The ducks didn't seem to care for me or my Cheerios.

Mother Goose?

Some day, I will swim like them!

Big brother is only in Kindercamp until 10:50 am, so we had to go get him...but not until I got to see my cousins over at Grandma and Papa's house. Their momma gets to be a SAHM at the end of this week while our daycare is on vacation. We played in the backyard for just a little, until it was time to get brother.

Peyton and Sydney always seem to have a plan.

Mommy says "relaxing" is what a week
off is supposed to be about.

We picked up brother and went home for lunch and naptime. Hrrmph....a long naptime it was! Daddy got home from work, just in time to change and get ready to go to our first swim class for the summer. Dominic is in the class (he's a "Shrimp") with Daddy and I (I'm a "Starfish") am in the class with Mommy. Seems a bit silly to put Shrimps and Starfish in the same class, if you ask me!

The (not quite fried) Shrimps!

Mmmm....speaking of SHRIMP,
I think my tummy might be saying something!

I will not "blow bubbles" in the water on command.

Phew!... all in a day's time frame. I wonder what mom has in store for me tomorrow? I don't think she quite gets the "S-A-H" part of "STAY AT HOME MOM". Heck, I'm not complaining!


Harajuku Girl said...

I have to say you are probably the best write! I crack up reading your stuff, and what is better is reading it ermm through the eyes of Donovan's.

I cannot wait til his party looks like it is going to be a blast, that is a nice park!

Kristie said...

Hey that was great. Loved it. Sure wish we would have gotten into the the swim classes too.. but hey maybe next year....

Tomorrow is Ben's first day with all the kids.. and he's got a bunch of stuff planned too.... hey call me.. about Wednesday.. i left you a message

Marceen said...

Just want to say first, you are beautiful!! I love your family picture. Second, you are a very entertaining writer. Thanks for the smiles :)