Saturday, July 21, 2007

LA Boxing's Grand Opening

For the past month and a half Dominic and Daddy have been taking classes with the RAMA Family (Reaves Academy of Martial Arts). Rudy went to school with Instructor Marcus Reaves way back in Junior High School. He once learned from Marcus, but never stuck with it. Perhaps he was more involved with soccer. Dominic is enjoying "the gym". Infact, he'd prefer it to be known as "Power Ranger Training". Today marked the beginning of a new era for their instructor. Mr. Reaves is now closing his academy to open up the first La Boxing in Sacramento. A well-qualified instructor he is. We stopped by the festivities for some time before bodies got sweaty and windows became fogged up! Dominic and Rudy will now be taking classes at this new location and are looking forward to their first workout.
The labyrinth of punching bags

I don't want to be anywhere near these guys. Show offs!

Donovan provides some "love" to the bag before it gets him back.

Dominic gives his Dad some swift kicks.
(Love the Wiggles backpack?)

Dominic steps up to the bag.


Kristie said...

Hey if they have LA Boxing... I think you should start yoga with me.... it's totally fun... Monday Nights.... make Daddy watch the boys while you get out and get your YOGA on...

Harajuku Girl said...

That looks and sounds like a blast.. that would be something cool for Andrew and daddy to do..

LoveBugZ said...

I think that looks awesome. Can I join in? I have always wanted to do kick boxing but have never followed through with it. I guess now is time.