Saturday, July 7, 2007

Happy Birthday Andres!

We went to Uncle Rafa and Laura's house today for Andres' 9th Birthday. That makes him the oldest "boy" cousin....and always the last to hit the pinatas. He can take 'em down with one swipe. No pinatas this time (perhaps he's outgrown them), but everyone had a great time swimming (in the mighty warm pool), trampolining (if that's a word) and playing on their swing set. Lots to do! Isn't it funny...some day we'll look back on these photos and never know why we got together? I don't think Andres is in any of them!

Some pool fun photos:

Club America's Biggest Fans

"Peanut" the Mutt is the smallest Hoover vacuum.

Donovan does well with airplanes.

Peyton does well with cake frosting!

Uncle Rafa JUST got out of the pool and sits on one sister while grabbing the other. It was a slippery sibling rivalry.

Yep, that's Uncle Tom. Either he's laughing too hard and fell over, or he had a shot of that Mexican Tequila! Rafa and Carmen are on the ground too.

Papa and Donovan, together again!

Enjoying some trampoline fun,
or Cirque de Tres Amigos!

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Kristie said...

i'm wondering where I was when Uncle Rafa took his sisters out, or when Uncle Tom fell out of the chair? I love seeing the different pictures we get at the same party.... hey i think i got one of Andres ~lmao~

Great pics