Friday, July 27, 2007

Random Thoughts...

Potty-training 101?
I think this is it! This must be the beginnings of potty-training...sitting quietly outside the bathroom, listening carefully to big brother's, ahem, bathroom duties.

When will the shoe fetish end?
If it's not his own shoes, its someone else's. Why? Why must he put his feet in other's shoes and try to walk in them? Why must he get upset when they are too heavy to lift off the floor?

How can a rubberband and a 25-cent plastic
disc shooter be so much fun?

Seriously! Upon finding the "leftovers" from his birthday goodie bags, Dominic has created a "morpher" and a "blaster", one for each arm. They go to bed with him and sit on his shelf until morning...they wake up with him...they go to daycare in the morning, but sit in my car all day...they then return home in the afternoons. They are NEVER left out of sight. Who would have thought?

Interior Decorating 101?
When will I get to decide the decorating "theme" for our kitchen? The Power Ranger masterpieces have taken over (with the exception of a Kindercamp specialty). Notice, they are out of little brother's reach!


Linda said...

Love the shoes and the morpher! Creative minds!!

Lolly said...

Hi Andria,

Thanks for stopping by. Your little boys are adorable and I must say, you live in the most beautiful state in the country. I am heading there in a couple of hours.

Your blog was relaxing to read. When I read about people in stressful situations, I find myself getting headaches and stressed with them. :)

Brian Burkett said...

Saw that someone from this blog was linking to our quadsquad page, and thought we'd drop a line! God bless!