Monday, July 2, 2007

What's in a name?

Meet Gertie. Meet Grandma and Papa Gertie. Poor Grandma and Papa.... they were not born with these names, like Gertie was given hers. My parents acquired Gertie ("Gertrude", I suppose) from a relative after tragically losing Max. Yes, they used to be Grandma and Papa Max. Instead of making the transition difficult for her, they decided to leave her name and not give her an authentic Scottish Terrier name you'd be used to hearing. It's always difficult for kids to grasp the concept of two sets of Grandparents. So, we distinguished them by the name of the dog they have. I thought it'd be easy to figure out who Grandma, Grandpa, Abuelita and Papa were, BUT I guess Dominic wasn't ready to be bilingual. So, we have 2 Grandmas and 2 Papas. Which is which? Just tack on the dog's name and you'll know. Grandma and Papa Cinnamon have now retired their name (after 13 long years) and are going to be wise in the naming of their next faithful companion. After all, do you think Papa Princess would be fitting?
Gertie isn't too fond of this "papparazzi" stuff.
(a foxtail found its way up through her foot - She's all better now!)

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