Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Some little birdie is having SEXTUPLETS!!

NO, it's not me! Good grief!!! What were you thinking? See, we have this nest in our backyard sitting upon one of our columns that ultimately hold up our patio cover. It's been newly renovated. Last summer, the tenant was evicted (I don't even know how long it was occupied) and after months of remodeling, it looks like we've got new residents settling in!

I had come home during my lunch break to turn on the crock pot for tonight's dinner, when I decided to check on the dogs' water since it's supposed to be dreadfully hot here. Well, hey...since there's a LADDER right here that SOMEBODY left out, I thought I'd take a peek at this interestingly-built structure. I climbed as far as I could, konking my head on the patio cover and NOT getting a good look. So, I ran into the house, grabbed my handy-dandy camera and point-focus-click!!! And LOOK!! Six speckled eggs!!! The momma wasn't home at the time of my investigation, but I've seen her come and go before. Now I know!! I have no idea what nationality these birds will be. They're not a Robin - wouldn't the eggs be blue? The bird I've seen tending to the nest looks more similar to a finch-like breed. So, there you have it. We're going to be parents again! (I'm wondering if there's more in there that I can't see?)

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Harajuku Girl said...

WOW that is sooo crazy and cool! You have to take pics and keep updated on that.. never seen one with eggs in it.