Thursday, July 12, 2007

Day Four - T.G.I..... almost F!!!

It's Grumpy Thursday!

You didn't know? My goodness, what a day. My patience was tested over and over today. I flunked. The kids are completely "out of sorts" I think from being victims to my SAHMness. I've tried to mimic the schedule they would normally get during daycare as much as possible. I think Tuesday was only remotely close to a "normal" day for them. Yesterday, NO NAPS at all, and today again, no naps! Yowsers! Well Donovan FINALLY fell asleep after much protest. It's all Daddy's fault (Rudy took these last 2 days off this week). Poor Donovan fell prey to "Daddy Duty" this morning, while I took Dominic to school, got my manicure in and bought an Anniversary card for my husband (TEN years today! -- sounds so funny!) So Rudy took Donovan to work in the morning for a couple hours where he was most likely overstimulated by State Workers! He slept for the 1/2 hour drive home, and refused to take that nap that I so wanted him to take. The constant whining, shoes on, shoes off, messing with Rudy's alarm clock, TV on, TV off, squirt lotion here and there... MUST. TAKE. NAP. Was it me? Was it me that didn't know how to tolerate such behavior? Perhaps I need more practice as a SAH mom? NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

The pushing, the shoving, the dog-piling, the possessiveness of toys, the need to have that "thing" the brother has, etc. The constant flying off the couch, throwing of pretzels, and lack of listening skills....I'm done.

Swim classes were disastrous. Donovan was not a happy camper at all. For a 30-minute class, he finally quit whining at the 25-minute mark. He did not go into the pool on his own. He would not sit with me in the zero-entry zone. He would not play with any water toys. Nothing was funny to him. Nothing worked...until a 3-year old showoff of a swimmer displayed his rocket-fetching abilities, which ultimately made Donovan interested. Time's up! .... and we're just getting warmed up to the idea of playing in the water! Ack!

What was today? I can hear the broadcast now, "This is a test....This is ONLY a test". I hope so. Please let today not be a precursor to Friday the 13th. We've got a busy day ahead of us. Stay tuned!


Kristie said...

If you think your Thursday ROCKED... just wait til you read mine... only i wrote a book and then the PC shut down... think any of it saved.. hell no.... so I have a sick BIG Kid crying in the bathroom.. don't leave me, I'm scared... plus two babies screaming too... Calgone... take me ... to Canada.....

Jim & Chrissy said...

Thanks for checking out our site and for all of the prayers and words of encouragement. I know we need all that we can get.


Scott and Danielle Hatcher said...

Well - Happy 10 Year anniversary to YOU both! No wonder you've made it to 10 years - I can't wait until Scott and I can celebrate our future anniversaries with our future kiddos! Sounds like you had a fun filled week.

Congrats again!

-Your neighbor, Danielle