Sunday, July 1, 2007

A Roina Reunion

We had a short-notice family reunion at Papa Gertie's Cousin's Son's house....OR, Papa Gertie's Aunt's Grandson's house....OR Great Aunt's Grandson's house...OR....some "mansion" in Granite Bay. Nope, no where near the ocean...Just a suburb (dare I say?) of Placer County. We knew we were "out of sorts" when we arrived at the community's private gate where they take your name, license plate, etc. Geesh! If only we knew who lived in those houses, err mansions. It is rumored that an NBA player lives in the vicinity, but no names were mentioned. Inquiring minds....
Nope, this isn't Disneyland!

So our "relatives" purchased this "home" in January and have been fixing it up ever since. The kids had a blast swimming in the pool. It was a tad chilly, but who cares when it's 90+ degrees out, right?
Thanks to Tio Phil and Grandma Gertie, they both were "papparazzis" for the day and got some great photos. (...and this is where they end up!) The entire family got together on the front steps to take a photo (via remote!). Seriously, I don't think I could name a lot of the people in the photo. Can you find us? It's like a game of "Where's Waldo"?

Great Aunt Dot, the family matriarch,
is the patriotic one on the right.

I'll have to post more pics later. Dominic has his first day of Kindercamp tomorrow and I suppose that means ironing a shirt? Stay tuned....


LoveBugZ said...

I can't believe that house! How awesome! Can I have that pool in my back yard please???

desanibel said...

hey, great pics... thanks grandma gertie and Phil for the shots... it looks amazing... now i wanna see someone doing the wakeboarding.


Harajuku Girl said...

Sheeh it looks more like a resort. the Pool is insane!!
And yes , I found ya , right up from on the left =)

Scott and Danielle Hatcher said...

Ok so you lurk on my blog - I lurk on yours - we're even! I just had to comment on this house, though - how amazing! You mentioned on our blog that you thought our wedding photos were beautiful (thanks for that, btw). Well, just an FYI, our wedding was at the Granite Bay Golf Club! What a small world!! Anyhow, looks like you guys had a blast!

- Danielle