Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Top Ten Signs One MAY Be Pregnant...

10. An unexplained 3.5 hour nap on a Sunday afternoon doesn't leave you refreshed or less tired.

9. You start browsing minivans at just for the heck of it.

8. As you drive past your OLD home and have to explain to your 5-year-old that when HE was a baby he used to live there. And he wants to know "where was Donovan?"

7. Watching the birth of Quintuplets in Texas leaves you teary-eyed and goosebumpy.

6. You blame your husband when your bras seem to be shrinking more in the laundry with each load.

5. You have to be dragged out of bed in the morning....literally!

4. After 2 boys, you begin to think of color combinations that go with PINK for decorating a baby's room.

3. After 2 boys, you begin to think how you could possibly stand more testosterone in the house?

2. You are up late at night analyzing every home pregnancy test on!

...and the number 1 sign...

is the test itself! (yes, very faint - hence, very skeptical)
BUT, a line is a line!

...oh, and I've got want more? Here...

...and for good measure...


(Isn't this crazy? Did you know we're living in a "digital" world?)


LoveBugZ said...

Are you well invested in stock of pregnancy tests? I am so excited to see the electronic one at the end! I am still so thrilled for you~ I remember those tired days oh so well. Yawn! Oh and the Texas blog keeps me teary eyed and I am NOT PG :)

Harajuku Girl said...

PLEASE do not tell me you took 7 home preggo test's???? LOL They line was faint in fact I took a dollar tree test and the line was faint.. hence the doubt the 15.00 EPT was the confirmation later that night =)

Too funny ! =)

Harajuku Girl said...

oh and YES the testosterone thing I am with ya sister.. we got 2 male dogs too! should I reach # 3 myslef =)

Linda said...

OMG, you girls are sooo lucky. No sticks in my day! Just wait, and wait, and wait some more. Then if you wanted a girl all that was available was the Draino test! I still have the directions!

Scott and Danielle said...

Hmm this looks surprisingly familiar to the 4 tests I had to take to convince us that we were actually pregnant, too! =)

I suppose even with Child #3 you need some reassurance that you're going to do it again!

- Danielle