Monday, September 24, 2007

Swimming on a Soggy Sunday?

No thank you! Vanessa's birthday party was postponed one day due to the threat of rain on Saturday, and Sunday was a better day, but not typical summer swimming weather for sure. That didn't stop the kids from swimming though. Crazy kids. Our boys didn't swim, I didn't want them in that cold water, and Dad didn't want to go in with them either! I don't blame him. There was plenty to keep the kids busy outdoors anyway and it wasn't all too bad.

"Da plane, da plane!"

Having fun on the teeter-totter.

Dominic takes "peanut" for a stroll. Dumb dog!

Sydney and Peyton sporting the pink.


LoveBugZ said...

Sydney and Peyton are the cutest things EVER! My goodness! Ok off to read the rest of your BlOG(s)!

Kristie said...

Great pics... I haven't even looked at any of mine... I got a bunch of the kids on the trampoline...

It was the sweetest thing ever.. Dominic the protector... Can't wait til they are older... and the boys are after Bianca.. then Dominic can help fight them off too ~giggles~

"There will be no tying my cousin up... no handcuffs....HANDS OFF PERIOD"