Monday, September 17, 2007

A Cousin Reunion

(after last night's pregnancy-first all-nighter of dry heaves, sweat and chills with a migraine, I think I've mustered up enough energy to put in a blog post tonight...)

Even the kids sat still for a photo! *enlarge photo at your own risk;
I'm not sure I want to know
what Doug is doing in the center, but I'm sure he's probably in the dog house now!

The Roina cousins got together on Sunday for some food and fun at the Emitte household. This is the Italian side of the family...we don't get together as often as the Latino side, BUT we're always ON TIME! (...okay, most of us are.) We decided to gather together since the second cousins hardly know each other and it'd be nice for them to finally do so. It seems that Christmas time is the only other time we see each other, and even then, I've been known to miss out on the rare sighting due to family chaos at home around the holiday. It took a lot of email passing, but we FINALLY got a date settled and it landed on a gorgeous day!

Here we are:

Cousin Alana, Doug and kids (Ashley, Tyler and Josh)

Cousin Bobby, Felicia and Matt

Cousin Michael

Brother Phil, Patty and kids (Amanda and Alex)

Brother Chris and Vincent (Angela and Ana couldn't make it)

...and Me, Rudy and kids (Dominic and Donovan)

The kids enjoyed swimming, trampolining and closet-disorganizing! Dominic fell in love with the storage boxes FULL of action figures. He somehow found the Power Ranger box, which kept him busy for quite some time. It was very hard for him to have to part with the toys and put them away at the end of the day. It was a long process! Dominic is quite jealous of such "action figure heaven". The food was abundant and the margaritas were delicious (..I must be dreaming... Patty and I had to "pretend" we were drinking margaritas).
Without further details...
Alex and Tyler must've known how I'd feel after this.

Matt and Chris go head-to-head (10 years age difference!)

One of Tyler's daredevil stunts.

Donovan's failed daredevil stunt.

Doug mans the grill.

Dominic has a hot dog.

some photos courtesy of Brother Phil.


Harajuku Girl said...

How fun =) I wish we had little reunions on my side. We are lucky if we get to see them when they are in town for a vist.

I love how you said ( at least your family is on time ) lol. Uncle Rafa and his "mexican time" I think that is what he calls it. lol

I hope you are feeling much better from your late night sweats, heaves, chills and migraine. Is this regular lately or just not feeling good that night =( ?

LoveBugZ said...

I am sorry you are not doing well! I was so sick with both my pregnancies. As always I just love your pictures. Your blog is the best one I read. You do a great job and often have me laughing my butt off at something.