Saturday, September 22, 2007

Game Day...Again!

It was yet another game day today. Today it was the "blue" team. Things went a little better. Well, at least the shorts stayed on!!! (thanks to Grandma Gertie for taking in the few inches needed to keep them from falling.) The weather was quite a change with threatening rain, but it stayed just moist enough to keep the kids active and the goalie boxes muddy. Dominic doesn't play "to par" with Coach Dad's standards, but I thought he did well with direction and actually had some ball handling of his own this time. Gotta give the guy credit! I, however, got a "warning" for coaching on the sidelines! Pfft! Fine, I'll cheer on some other kid then....Go Gabi!!!

Ball control and focus on direction...good skills, right?
Give the kid some kudos!

The throw in.

photos courtesy of Grandma Gertie.

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Kristie said...

Love the throw in picture and the ball control shot... good pics mama