Sunday, September 9, 2007

Happy Birthday Bianca!

Our first niece was born 11 years ago today. It's hard to believe she's quickly approaching the Pre-Teens! Yikes! I remember the day, not so clearly, when Bianca entered the world. Rudy and I were not married yet, so I don't remember labeling her as MY niece, however I was quite honored to be able to see and hold her within hours of her birth. The waiting room at the hospital was smaller than the birthing suite, so we were quite surprised at how quickly we were able to see the precious babe and be with the new family. Kudos to Mom, I'm sure.

Bianca celebrated her birthday at the skating rink. There is "something" about the smells of a roller skating rink that instantly brings back those childhood days. Amazing! I don't know how much "in style" it is anymore, but gosh, it's still fun and great exercise (funny, I wasn't even out there!). I suppose the only difference these days is the use of in-line skates has become quite popular. Dominic chose to wear his Spiderman skates. He wore them proudly and never took them off. He refused to be helped, even during the MANY times he ended up on the floor...which was frequent. He actually did more skating out on the carpet than the rink floor. He went around the rink ONCE while the other kids had cake. I think he feared being out there with all the kids whizzing by him. One lap around and he was done with the hardwood floor. Donovan actually got out there too. He was wanting to go out on the floor without skates, but we had him do his inaugural lap with the skates. He cried and whined putting them on, I think just because we were taking his other shoes off, but he withstood the test. They tighten the wheels for the little ones, which is nice, since you often see them in the split position after they get them on. Taking pictures inside the dark rink is difficult, so I only got a few.

Daddy and Donovan out on the floor;

Dominic content on the carpet (never cheesing for the camera!)

The view was just as grand from the wall; Peyton's chocolate malt was delicious; and Daddy and Dominic get their turn on the skate floor.


Kristie said...

It sure was hard to get good pictures in that dark rink... But it was so much fun racing around the rink... trying to ditch Sydney... did i say that? okay well maybe ditching her was a bad mama thing... but there is nothing like skating - I love it.

I had fun racing Dominic on the carpet too.. I hope the last time he fell on his bum... it wasn't to sore. Thanks for being at the party - next party you'll be back to skating

Harajuku Girl said...

I have to say how funny it is tha you crossed out the phone # on the invite. I crossed out the address on our sign for our house and Kristie said something.. then after a min I saw you covered up the last name too.. I told Kristie she pulled a "Joan" since I thought she did it... she said that was you.. So, I am glad to know there is someone just as if not more anal than me lol

LoveBugZ said...

I love to Roller Skate. The last time I felt the need we called up 10 friends (mostly all adults) and off we went. Matthew loved it. I loved it UNTIL I ran over gum and fell down-- BOOM! That hurt.