Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Welcome Friends!

A big shout out to my fellow bloggers cloggers! I miss you guys! Welcome to my blog (rhymes with "clog"). If you choose to stay a while I'm sure you'll learn a lot about me...and perhaps things you wish you didn't know about me. Is THIS what I've been doing while on my clogging hiatus? Nah! Although it is habit-forming, like clogging. Wow, it's been nearly a year (seems like longer) since my last public "performance" with the team. I found it difficult to attend weekly classes and keep up with the group and try to be a "mom" at the same time. Coming home after practices to this huge home with unbathed and un-pajama'd kids, still bright-eyed from the day's activities, left me suffering the next morning. We're still suffering, but I'm much more comfortable without a "commitment". No matter what shape I'm in...pear-shaped or other, clogging will always be my favorite cardio activity (just ask Mr. Dreadmill standing right next to me!) I often think about the "maybes" and the "possibility" of returning to such a pasttime. Unfortunately, I can't find a way to make it work, without it being a burden.

The Sutter's Stompers are such a wonderfully committed group of cloggers that have stuck together through many years. Not only sharing in our love for the dance form, we shared laughter and tears. Do I sound sappy? (...my hormones are kicking in!.....) Okay, let's see if I can dig up some pictures of the best looking clogging group in Sacramento...

Linda, Stephanie, Alison, Marilyn, Phyllis, Susie and Andria
(Phyllis, what were you doing "front and center"?)

Susie and Darwyn, our best-dressed winners!

A date we'll never forget...look, it's on the photo!
(Susie, Phyllis, Alison, Linda, Billie, Judy, Andria)
back row: Marilyn and Mike

My last performance before parting ways: Elk Grove Harvest Festival
Back row: Carol, Judy, Billie Front row: Phyllis, Alison, Marilyn

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Harajuku Girl said...

I learned something new ! I never knew that about you =) oh how I would love to engage in some kind of physical "hobby" or sport =(