Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mr. J.P.'s 3rd Birthday

My friend Sherry's second oldest had his 3rd Birthday Party today (this has been a busy Saturday). Again, the threat of rain dampened us, but the party turned out just perfect. Some wildlife came out while we rode the train throughout. This is the same place we had Dominic's 4th birthday. It's such a blast for everyone. The Sacramento Valley Live Steamers ran their train for Jordan's party and didn't quit until the kids did. Donovan was afraid to go for the first run, but was "forced" to go on the second one. Yep, he still whined the entire time, but with the confrontation with the deer, squirrel, and the chugging and tooting of the train to distract him, the other passengers got some relief from his complaining. Jordan made out like a bandit and looked like he had a lot of fun. As did we!

As long as the train is stationed...
All aboard!...No wait....Donovan aboard!!

Little Libby
He insisted on the purple frosting.

The chain gang.

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Jim & Chrissy said...

Thanks for keeping up with us! I'm quite the slacker on updating, but now that I'm done working for awhile, I'm hoping I can update more often. Congratulations on your pregnancy :) Hope all goes well!