Monday, September 24, 2007

Star of the Week...

We knew the day would soon come. But didn't realize how much effort it took to complete the "Star of the Week" poster!

All About Me!

Name: Dominic

I was born on: June 9th

My favorite place to go is: the beach

My favorite food is: Pasta

My favorite thing to do is: Color


LoveBugZ said...

Yea Dominic!!! I wish I could still be STAR of the week!!

Kristie said...

How cool. Just wait, every year they will be doing those... but they get more complicated and take a lot more time as the years go by... So soon enough he'll be standing up giving his own biography ~lmao~ Presentations on DRA (just in case you don't want his whole name out there..... Joan) ~LMAO~ i can't wait til they start the videos... we have all of Bianca's from Kindergarden til 5th grade.... We'll have to have a viewing party of Dom's as he starts doing them.


I gotta get to work on my blog