Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Tiger Cubs vs. Team Yellow

...we can't remember who the team we played was. We were so easily distracted watching the pandemonium out on the field. It was a gorgeous morning. Although a little damp, the field was nice, as far as I can tell, and our first game is now "in the books"... (who's keeping score?). "Mini Pearl" was put to good use for her first official game. Cousin Amanda spent the night last night so she tagged along and helped us fill up the car. She kept Donovan entertained while I made use of my camera, the video camera, and my vocals - cheering on my Tiger Cub. Talk about was like herding cattle out there. The kids hardly knew what direction to run, where the goal posts were or why they were being lined up in the center for kick offs. Most of the kids, including Dominic, did LOTS of running - no where in particular...just RUNNING. If the ball was near by, perhaps a swift kick was given, but mainly Dominic was just "keeping up" with the flow of traffic. Cute, but probably not how Coach Dad intended. The kids played 3 on 3 on condensed fields, which allowed for each player to at least touch foot on the ball, hopefully! There were 2 games going on with our team and the yellow team, with subs available for those who needed that small break. It was quite a game, considering these kids with short attention spans were herding through the motions by the coach and referee. Our first goalie was really good. She pounced on the ball and held on tight so it would never go in. The second goalie, got a bit anxious and continued to play on the field, thus coming out of the box and not protecting his goal. Again, cute, but probably not how it was supposed to happen.

Oh, the shorts...good lord, the shorts! Why, oh why do they make these things huge in the waist? Poor Dominic was drowning in his shorts. Quite the talent he had playing soccer and holding up his shorts at the same time. The rope-like tie would not hold, nor rolling the waist band helped. Grandma Gertie offered to put an elastic waist band in them, so hopefully we won't see the shorts around his ankles for next time. Many of the kids were not fitting their uniforms correctly. Did they think we were meaty football players?
Dominic was exhausted. He did stay up a little late because of the sleep over and getting up early to get to the 9:00 A.M. game was quite a shocker. His crabbiness stayed with him the entire day. Hopefully tomorrow's a better day, as we'll be having a "Cousin Reunion". Stay tuned.

Coach Dad learns the rules before the game.

One of those..."LA..TEE-DA....TEE-DA" moments.

At least if he tucked in his shirt, that may help his shorts from falling?


Linda said...

What's with the black anyway? Has nothing to do with the school colors. Plus you can't run if the crotch of the shorts is at your knees. I will revamp if needed!

Harajuku Girl said...

It looks like skirts on them. on my! They did know they were making these things for 5 year olds, right?

What a trooper he was! =)