Monday, September 3, 2007

Draft Day

Who's idea was this game called "Fantasy Football"? The way the participants prepare for "the draft" you'd think it was a college exam or something. They all had their cheat sheets and their "textbooks" at hand and were sure not to overlook onto someone else's paper. Serious business this is! The draft took record time this year - 3 hours. With ten teams, each chose 18 players to start with, and I assume trading will take place throughout the season as "teams" drop players and some get injured, etc. I've never seen such organized chaos and was very impressed with how they set up the draft. All of the players (mostly) were prelabeled so that it could be placed on the tally sheet once they were "drafted". Amazing choreography. Here we go, some pictures of the successful draft day. Game on! By the way, I know NOTHING about football, don't care to and hope Rudy survives the season and doesn't end up with the toilet bowl trophy.

Let the draft begin, and the best team win!

Bianca filled in for Papa's absence - Team Club America

Bianca makes her selection for Papa's team.

Sydney enjoys the slide.

Fred cools off, while flies rest on his head.
Pizza time!

Steven makes his selection, while Kevin
hopes his man is still available.
Kristie studies for her next selection.

The final outcome.


Kristie said...

Hooray a Fantasy Football Blog

Thanks for letting us hang out at your place and eat and pick our teams. We always have so much fun. Lucky me, picking after Rudy - it everything goes right.... Rudy should get first place... but then again... Michael picked third last year and took first....

Good pictures to document the draft, I did it last year in my blog, but skipped it this year, as I still needed to write up on the rib feast...

Harajuku Girl said...

Horray horray psh as if i care! lol I hate kickin down money for this seems so silly to me. I just hate the whole gambling thing all together.. boys will be boys..

He better win something.. that is all I have to say lol - j/k.

McNulty Quads said...

Thanks for the note on our blog Andria!

You have a beautiful family as well, and Fantasy Football rocks!!