Thursday, September 20, 2007

More signs...

Note: This is the last of the posts that were idling in "draft" mode for quite some time. Enjoy! ...although many of these "signs" are not as pronounced anymore!

So you really want to know?

Flatulence: The Avila boys would have a tough time competing! I am officially deemed "worthy"!

Stupidity: Okay, you're thinking, "that's nothing different". But really, I've been a clutz. I've got bruises that look like I had a run in with a poor tattoo artist. Rudy would prefer I put a disclaimer on each one so that he doesn't look like the bad guy. And for an at work "doh!": I bundled up 31 letters to go out in the mail WITHOUT postage! (which means all 31 would have been back on my desk the next day had the postal carrier not noticed!)

Clogging: No, this time it's not the dance form! My hair is falling out like crazy. I'm constantly unplugging the shower drain, plucking loose hairs that tickle my arms during the day, detangling them from my toes, etc. It's everywhere! I think I can vouch that all women have at some point been irritated with loose hairs between the boobs and in the butt crack??? Right gals?...Right?

Potty time: I HATE getting up from a so-called good night's sleep to use the bathroom. I have no choice in the matter, right? I'm beginning to think my ultra-bladder may burst if I continue to pretend it can hold on until I'm ready to get out of bed.

Bouyancy: I probably can float like a boat with this bloat! I feel so bloated and have been very crampy. The only relief I get is when the bloating is associated with the flatulence (see above). Is this too much info?

Cravings: Mashed potatoes and of the gods! Anytime, anyday...doesn't matter. Boxed, homemade, fast food...doesn't matter. I LOVE being pregnant around the holidays since that's when 10 lbs. of mashed potatoes can be consumed without the fear of having leftovers. I can't wait! What time is dinner?

Pains (in the butt): Really! While pregnant with Dominic, I had an awful pain in the tailbone area that lasted a few weeks. Donovan was no pain (in the butt) at all. So now, I've got this constant pulled muscle feeling in my left buttock. Literally, a pain in the butt! Is this an indication of how our kids' personalities are?

Hormones: I prefer to call them "horror-moans", and I'm not a huge fan of them. They try to take control and usually win. I expect them to be ever-powering for at least the next 12-months and will use the "Cry It Out" method to cope.

Do I come across as whiny? I know there are many of women out there that would kill for just one of these symptoms. I am blessed with quite a few I suppose, and "whining" is just something that comes with the territory. Gotta do it. Gotta love it. Gotta enjoy it.


Harajuku Girl said...

LOL "Clogging" is my absolute favorite! Only because I can relate like nothing else.. I am not looking forward to having carpet again for that reason.. hardwood was not so tangly on the toes.. and the hair in the "cracks" oh lord!!

I must say it is not all that bad right now.. I look forward to what the re-adjusting hormones have to bring after my body tries to get back to normal after Luke.

LoveBugZ said...

I am sending your blog to my SIL so she can see what she is up for. You describe it all so well. I think the only thing missing that I had was the HEARTBURN. YUCK! I hope things ease up for you soon OR you pass enough gas you just feel better all around (LMAO)!